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Smart Tracking for Happy Tails 🐾

Track Pet's location on TrackR Mobile App

An all-in-one device to know everything about your pet


  • Easy Setup. No complicated installation or wiring required.

  • Long Battery Life. Enjoy up to 4 weeks of usage on a single charge.

  • Waterproof Design. Durable and waterproof for all types of adventures.

  • Mobile App. Stay connected with your pet through our intuitive mobile app.

Monitor activity on TrackR Mobile App


  • Real-time Location Tracking. Know where your pet is at all times.

  • Activity Monitoring. Track your pet’s daily exercise and rest patterns.

  • Geofence Alerts. Get notified if your pet goes outside a designated safe area.

  • Health Insights. Receive insights on your pet’s health and behavior.
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Who we are

We are a team of young entrepreneurs with a vision of creating a superior and effective monitoring experience for things that people care about the most.

Our mission is to provide effortless access to real-time visibility and comprehensive tracking, empowering individuals to create a safer world for their loved ones.

Join us in our vision to make safety and peace of mind accessible to all.

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“TrackR gives me peace of mind knowing my furry friend is safe..”

Shubhesh, Mumbai

“The geofence alerts have been a game changer for keeping my dog safe..”

Yatrika, Bengaluru

“I love being able to track my dog’s activity levels throughout the day..”

Grishma, Bengaluru

TrackR is Coming Soon!

Unlock a new level of safety and peace of mind. TrackR is coming soon to bring you effortless tracking and protection for your loved ones. Stay tuned for the launch of our smart device, designed to keep them secure and within reach.

Experience ultimate peace of mind with TrackR.

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